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Donaustadt. Starting from the allotment-garden movement which was prospering at that time in Germany, the "Allotment Society in Vienna and surrounding areas" was founded in Austria in January 1910. In the underlying application to the magistrate of the imperial capital of Vienna, the following association's purpose was outlined:


„By allocating a piece of leasehold ground of at least 200 square meters to workers, small businessmen, officials and employees, who do a lot of sedentary work, the Association wants to encourage gardening which is known for its valuable contribution to personal heath, provide families with daily recreation and lead people back to a natural way of life“.


What followed was a phase of rapid growth. In 1917 the Association had over 3,000 members and a small-garden area of 4.3 million feet, which had grown to approx. 33 million feet in 1923.

Today, 26,831 small garden plots in 247 associations and 13 regional organizations are organized in the National Association of Vienna. Of these associations, 35 that have approx. 3,000 members are located in the 22nd district of Vienna "Donaustadt" (Danube-City). Sounding names, such as "Sky-Pond", "New Florida" or "Sun-Home" bear witness to the aspirations of their founders and residents. 

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